Critical Wavelength®
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Education is the key 
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Testing Services

It is important for both consumers and the manufactures of the sun protection products that they purchase to have confidence in the testing being performed. 

SBR Laboratories is well known in the skin care industry as a formulator of innovative sun protection products, particularly products offering high levels of UVA protection. SBR has established working relationships with other leaders in product testing and is able to provide a superior level of experience in product development, design, and testing.

The cost of the Critical Wavelength® seal includes the Critical Wavelength® testing per FDA protocol with certification of the results. A product’s Critical Wavelength® value can be displayed within the seal and is usable until the formulation is change or altered, necessitating repeat testing.  With its use, companies are able to have access and use to all educational materials presented within this website to help explain to consumers why this information is both important and unique. 

For additional information on both the cost and of the seal, and discount for multiple formulations contact:

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